under burkha

Stories of the extraordinary women of Afghanistan


22 Nov 2012 | BY Ruhani Kaur

In deciding to wear the hijab, a woman makes a statement about herself as much as about the society she lives in


1 Jul 2011

“The burkha has undergone a change. Educated women have helped us turn it into a fashion accessory”


13 May 2011

Sirin Middya, 24, refused to bow to the diktats of her students at Aliah University and don a burkha. In an Open exclusive, Sirin speaks about her fight.


20 Aug 2010

In Europe’s furore over this garment worn by Muslim women, there is no clarity on why it should be banned, let alone how it gels with liberal values.


27 May 2010 | BY Sajeda Momin

France is about to outlaw the hijab. India should follow suit


25 Jun 2009 | BY CP Surendran
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