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A new study finds that dads who sleep near their children experience a drop in testosterone


14 Sep 2012

Raichur district of Karnataka has some of India’s worst statistics on malnourished children. It is hard to tell which is the worse scandal: the lack of nutrition here or the money being made off it


8 Dec 2011 | BY Shahina KK

A deadly epidemic of encephalitis has broken out in eastern Uttar Pradesh. And the government remains clueless about its gravity


21 Oct 2011 | BY Rahul Pandita

An appealing film, but the ‘Kalam’ angle seems a forced search for political significance


10 Aug 2011 | BY Ajit Duara

As Parliament gets set to reconvene, a bill to protect children from sexual abuse is on the agenda.  Author Pinki Virani explains where the draft bill falls short


20 Jul 2011 | BY Pallavi Polanki

An aid worker’s first-hand account of how the children of Japan are coping


24 Mar 2011 | BY Unni Krishnan PV

No tantrums, no parental cajoling, no reprimanding. The Bookaroo fest was three days of fun, with stories, doodles and secret languages.


9 Dec 2010 | BY Subhra Mazumdar

Some of them haven’t even attained puberty. But Maoists think nothing of brainwashing them to their cause and thrusting guns in their unsuspecting hands.


24 Jun 2010 | BY Jaideep Mazumdar

Prithvi theatre holds one of the most popular workshops for kids with theatre, comics, and even science and poetry.


20 May 2010 | BY Shubhangi Swarup

With the Catholic Church being plagued with child abuse charges in various countries, bishops in India are drawing up procedures to tackle such scandals if and when they happen.


6 May 2010 | BY Avantika Bhuyan
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