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What would your infant say if he were running a temperature? But this dress can scream, ‘Hey, he’s running a fever’


29 Jun 2009

A Spanish football club is running a school in Andhra Pradesh to educate children and spot sporting talent


23 Jun 2009 | BY Anil Budur Lulla

The impending fatherhood of Federer and the general fate of champions after they become fathers


18 Jun 2009 | BY Arun Janardhan

Research on polling choices suggests appearance counts far more than substance


15 Jun 2009 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

Your baby is the most precious thing to you. Then, a few years later, you realise you are really a bit of a  drag on her world


13 Jun 2009 | BY Saaz Aggarwal

The Slumdog kids are leading schizoid lives. Why is it that Danny Boyle is winning where a billion brownies failed?


8 Jun 2009 | BY CP Surendran

Life, love, India, world, violence, politics, ice-cream: what’s on their minds


5 Jun 2009
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