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A bizarre rule gets a Mumbai corporator ejected for having more than two children


11 Dec 2014 | BY Lhendup G Bhutia

They were the big guns of the UPA Government, and the most sought after in Delhi once. Where are they now?


27 Nov 2014 | BY Anshuman Kumar

Nehru bided his time and came out trumps. Bose rebelled against the mainstream and found himself as an unsuccessful De Gaulle


13 Nov 2014 | BY Swapan Dasgupta

How Hindu majoritarianism has undermined the Nehruvian legacy


13 Nov 2014 | BY Priyamvada Gopal

For raising pointless objections on Twitter to the Prime Minister’s Teachers’ Day address


4 Sep 2014

Lowest ever numbers coupled with clueless leadership, Congress lacks direction as an opposition both within and outside Parliament


28 Aug 2014 | BY Kumar Anshuman

Rahul Gandhi said his party lawmakers were not being allowed to speak in Parliament


7 Aug 2014

As rebellion erupts and resentment grows in Congress, the leader is out of sight as usual. A party sliding deeper into irrelevance


24 Jul 2014 | BY PR Ramesh

The party’s woes multiply as it has no plans of revival to face the next set of Assembly elections


4 Jul 2014 | BY Devendra Kumar

Brij Lal, in his late fifties, sits outside the Congress headquarters in New Delhi, selling merchandise bearing party symbols. He has a handicapped son to support, he says, but it has been growing increasingly difficult to make sales. Demand for his wares has been low for some time now. After the huge defeat that the Congress suffered in the General Election earlier this year, he adds, sales almost entirely disappeared, and even the number of visitors to the party’s Akbar Road headquarters has fallen substantially0

2 Jul 2014 | BY Ashish Sharma
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