under Congress

Sitaram Yechury faces his biggest test so far in deciding whether to tie up with Congress for the Bengal polls


11 Feb 2016 | BY Kumar Anshuman

From Kerala to Himachal Pradesh, Congress is synonymous with the politics of sleaze and plunder


4 Feb 2016 | BY Ullekh NP

BJP leader and Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti in conversation with Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her grandson Raihan Vadra at the Beating the Retreat ceremony in New Delhi. Bharti had commented recently that the Congress should look for a life beyond the Gandhi family0

3 Feb 2016 | BY T Narayan

Amit Jogi, accused, among other things, of fixing an election, once again finds himself at the centre of political turmoil in Chhattisgarh


14 Jan 2016 | BY Kumar Anshuman

Has India become a wonderland where Mad Hatters rule the political roost?


17 Dec 2015 | BY TCA Srinivasa-Raghavan

It was said of Indira Gandhi that she was ‘the only man in her cabinet’. Here she is in a meeting, surrounded by MLAs from Gujarat who had come to her with a proposal. RK Dhawan, who was Mrs Gandhi’s personal secretary, used to be the guy who handled everything for her. Whatever anybody’s agenda, he would help them, he was the middleman between the Congressmen and Mrs Gandhi. And you can see how he, too, is waiting along with all the Congressmen for the Big Boss to sanction papers.0

16 Dec 2015 | BY Raghu Rai

Back with a new vigour in his voice, he seems ready for a riveting fight in Parliament


27 Nov 2015 | BY Shruti Vyas

Unexpected gains in Bihar has the Congress beaming. Will the euphoria last?


26 Nov 2015 | BY Kumar Anshuman

It’s a fallacy to imagine that being the first prime minister to be born after Independence, Modi is immune to the magic of the British Raj


19 Nov 2015 | BY Sunanda K Datta-Ray
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