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The JDS shadow over the Congress’ Karnataka win made the party High Command partial to Siddaramaiah, but sources say the new CM was imposed, not elected


15 May 2013 | BY Anil Budur Lulla

God’s gift to the Congress


15 May 2013 | BY Jatin Gandhi

The second rung of the Congress party, where there is much jostling for power, is the origin of some of the most ridiculous political spin in recent times


15 May 2013 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

The Congress wins a simple majority and the JDS rivals the BJP for second place, bringing an end to the saffron party’s vigilantism and its love of gods and godmen


8 May 2013 | BY Anil Budur Lulla

The efforts Civil Society has made to hold Modi accountable must reach back in time to Rajiv Gandhi


3 May 2013 | BY Ranjit Singh Gill

Will a ploy that failed in Uttar Pradesh yield success for the Congress in Bihar?


4 Apr 2013 | BY Dhirendra K. Jha

Big stick politics. Will it ever end?


27 Mar 2013 | BY Mihir Srivastava

Both the Congress and BJP are finding it increasingly hard to retain their allies. They have only themselves to blame


21 Mar 2013 | BY Jatin Gandhi

His aim is to replace the Congress in the state while supporting it at the national level


21 Mar 2013 | BY Anil Budur Lulla

Senior leaders offer different arguments for and against Telengana, but remain worried about the irreparable damage done to the party in the state


30 Jan 2013 | BY Dhirendra K Jha
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