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Sonia Gandhi was expected to turn Congress leadership over to Rahul Gandhi. The failure to do so explains much of the mess the party now finds itself in


25 Mar 2012 | BY Jatin Gandhi

For all its talk of a lack of regional structure in UP, the party is destroying the one that exists in neighbouring Uttarakhand


19 Mar 2012 | BY Dhirendra K Jha

It was supposed to be about a new youth wave that would leave caste, religion and thuggery behind. Alas, it is turning out to be politics as usual


1 Mar 2012 | BY Jatin Gandhi

…is that the conclusions they jump to have political implications for which they take no responsibility


23 Feb 2012 | BY Mihir Srivastava

The Congress and those who defended its misdeeds in the name of economic growth continue to soft pedal the extent of the problem


12 Feb 2012 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

Cynical Congressmen and supine litfest organisers script a dangerous farce


25 Jan 2012 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

The TMC seems to have a workable strategy for success without the Congress


13 Jan 2012 | BY Jay Mazoomdaar

Even with a pre-poll alliance, the Congress and NCP can’t stop bickering


13 Jan 2012 | BY Haima Deshpande

Despite similar insistence by the PM, the FDI issue failed to see the Congress orchestrate a repeat of the Nuclear Deal triumph


8 Dec 2011 | BY Dhirendra K Jha

This government seems to be working overtime to prove that it does not think its decisions through


8 Dec 2011 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal
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