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Since 1957, Sudhir Vaidya has been meticulously keeping a note of everything related to cricket.


25 Mar 2010 | BY Akshay Sawai

Is playing in the IPL worth jeopardising a player’s fitness and prospects for international matches?


25 Mar 2010 | BY Boria Majumdar

The man behind the Mongoose bat explains his confidence in this ferocious little whacker.


24 Mar 2010 | BY TR Vivek

Some have called it an oar, others think dhobis might find it more handy. A certain butcher from Down Under likes it too.


17 Mar 2010 | BY TR Vivek

The Pakistan Cricket Board has always been quick to ban or censure players. Often, these punishments are revoked soon enough.


10 Mar 2010 | BY Akshay Sawai

Remember the fakeIPLplayer blog? It’s back as a book and it’s witty, engrossing and often rings quite true.


10 Mar 2010 | BY Boria Majumdar

The IPL success of Chennai Super Kings can be traced to the business acumen of India Cements’ N Srinivasan.


9 Mar 2010 | BY TR Vivek

It’s time to stop comparing Sachin with other cricketers. He is among the greatest sportsmen of all time. Cricket is just the game he plays.


4 Mar 2010

Sehwag + Gambhir. Contemporary cricket’s best opening pair shows glimpses of how they work their magic. 


25 Feb 2010 | BY Boria Majumdar

…and the India-South Africa Test series showed us why.


24 Feb 2010 | BY Sandipan Deb
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