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Open’s Sports Editor Akshay Sawai has been getting a lot of attention ever since he asked Tendulkar that question. His confessions.


18 Nov 2009 | BY Akshay Sawai

In a fascinating one hour of cricket addabaazi, Sachin Tendulkar reminisces about his 20 years in international cricket.


12 Nov 2009 | BY Boria Majumdar

There is a history of bad blood. And bad blood is something all great rivalries need


29 Oct 2009 | BY Avinash Subramaniam

How the glory of wearing the India cap is being eclipsed by the greed for big bucks in slam bang leagues.


21 Oct 2009 | BY Boria Majumdar

Open catches up with Sourav Ganguly to read his mind on what lies ahead in the upcoming India-Australia series.


21 Oct 2009 | BY Boria Majumdar

It was unthinkable. That a day would come when the urban Indian male would admit he is bored of cricket.


21 Oct 2009 | BY Akshay Sawai

Enough is enough. They’ve done it—ruined the world’s greatest game.


7 Oct 2009 | BY Sandipan Deb

There isn’t a cricket lover who hasn’t made his own teams: the best, the worst, the all-time greats... We gave in to the temptation. Gladly.


24 Sep 2009 | BY Team Open

A Lagaan wannabe, without the spunk. Watch it, if at all, for the latest heartbreak kid Shahid Kapur


22 Sep 2009 | BY Ajit Duara

Raj Singh Dungarpur was a treasure trove of cricket stories. And a peerless cricket romantic.


17 Sep 2009 | BY Boria Majumdar
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