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From an India of mediocre cricket writing comes a minor classic on Sachin Tendulkar’s inglorious Final Test


15 Oct 2014 | BY Tunku Varadarajan

After years of leniency, the ICC has finally launched a crackdown on bowlers with suspicious actions


10 Oct 2014 | BY Lhendup G Bhutia

How come not even the Indian captain knows who the Indian coach is?


28 Aug 2014 | BY Madhavankutty Pillai

Cricket and Pakistan: When military dictators and politicians thought they could win the people through a surrogate triumph on a playing field


7 Aug 2014 | BY MJ Akbar

Even though cleared by the ICC, McCullum can be charged for not reporting the matter earlier


23 May 2014

The tussle between Modi and the BCCI is unlikely to be resolved soon


8 May 2014

Dhoni’s hope is that victories at home will wipe away the memory of losses abroad


3 Mar 2014

England’s Andy Sandham is the first to score a triple century in Tests. He did this in 1929-30


22 Feb 2014

In his debut Test match, du Plessis batted for almost eight hours, often with tail-enders, to save a match


28 Dec 2013

Shivaji Park remains the heart of Mumbai cricket despite the availability of numerous other grounds


7 Dec 2013 | BY Ashlesha Athavale
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