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…and the ongoing series, no mere game of cricket


23 Dec 2011 | BY Boria Majumdar

…minus the spectators


18 Nov 2011 | BY Boria Majumdar

Harbhajan Singh has now offered to slap the two Pakistani cricketers


3 Nov 2011

A fascinating account of the Afghan cricket team’s journey to the international arena


3 Nov 2011 | BY Boria Majumdar

Who is IPL kidding? Compare it with Formula 1, and it is clear that it has generated more hype than money


9 Oct 2011 | BY Alam Srinivas

Shoaib Akhtar’s autobiography is a bitter man’s rant against his more accomplished peers


2 Oct 2011 | BY Boria Majumdar

The world according to a muscular man


28 Sep 2011 | BY Manu Joseph

“The father of one of the best IPL players we have had was a well-known bookie. The son had to lose many times for his father”


25 Aug 2011 | BY Jahnavi Sanghvi

India’s bitter humiliation in England raises serious questions about the priorities of our cricketing establishment


18 Aug 2011 | BY Boria Majumdar

The English media has an unmatched talent for hyperbole. And when they are in the zone, even bald facts can take a ride


3 Aug 2011 | BY Boria Majumdar
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