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A full French meal has seven courses. Each course is complemented by a wine.


9 Dec 2010

World cuisine may take you places. But reminders of the past and our own nativity lie in foods which are sadly being fast forgotten.


22 Jul 2010 | BY Pramila N. Phatarphekar

Why it is so hard to start a good restaurant in India


10 Jun 2010 | BY Manju Sara Rajan

Chinese and Italian are now passé. The Indian foodie is chasing flavours from Austria, Uzbekistan and the Caribbean.


14 Apr 2010 | BY Avantika Bhuyan

Indian foodies are waking up to the culinary charms of Karnataka’s two most prominent cuisines—Bunt and Coorgi.


27 Jan 2010 | BY Avantika Bhuyan

Pan Asian food is the latest culinary craze in India. But cuisines from many countries have simply been ignored


13 Jun 2009 | BY Avantika Bhuyan
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