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Our best friends know when we are happy or sad. And they prefer us happy


18 Feb 2015

Dogs can feel jealousy, and like anger and fear, it might even serve an evolutionary purpose


30 Jul 2014

How dogs helped ancient humans hunt this grand pachyderm to extinction


4 Jun 2014

A new study finds that dogs process emotions and voices just as human beings do


26 Feb 2014

It is not just about expressing their joy


6 Nov 2013

Inside India’s only cancer treatment centre for animals


2 May 2013 | BY Lhendup G Bhutia

A study finds that the modern dog originated from wolves that scavenged human waste dumps


30 Jan 2013

A new study suggests that dirt and microbes brought indoors by pets could boost a baby’s immune system


10 Jul 2012

With such a skewed sex ratio among pedigreed dogs in Mumbai, it is almost impossible finding your dog a mate


8 Jun 2012 | BY Lhendup Gyatso

Gone are the days when dogs would be called Lassie or Fido. In countries like the US and UK, dog owners are giving their pets trendy middle class baby names like Bella, Charlie and Ben.


26 Aug 2010 | BY Avantika Bhuyan
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