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Designing fashionwear once had a mantra: befriend the trend. And it worked. Then along came the zips.


16 Dec 2009 | BY Kabeer Sharma

Indian fashion has gone all nerdy in its search for shapes and sexiness. Or, has it?


28 Oct 2009 | BY Kabeer Sharma

Salman Khan launched the fashion label of his charity, Being Human, at HDIL’s India Couture Week in Mumbai


21 Oct 2009

From the humble langot to boxers with Superman prints... male underwear in India has come a long way.


7 Oct 2009 | BY Kabeer Sharma

Trousers are getting shorter. Will the next battle of the sexes be fought on hemlines?


15 Sep 2009 | BY Kabeer Sharma

Guess what defines the culture-proud Bengali bhadralok’s emergence on the fashion scene?


29 Jul 2009 | BY Kabeer Sharma

Streetwear has become quite a rage among urban youngsters with an attitude. Do we spy another revolution in the making?


23 Jul 2009 | BY Kabeer Sharma

After being felicitated as one of the world’s 100 most beautiful women, First Lady Michelle Obama cannot escape being the uncrowned First Lady of Fashion either.


29 Jun 2009

Don’t sweat the short stuff. Follow these deeply thought out dress rules, and you’ll survive


26 Jun 2009 | BY Kabeer Sharma

Bollywood cramp on the ramp. That’s what our models must be suffering from. And designers too.


26 Jun 2009
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