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What the fate of food delivery apps says about the startup space


12 Nov 2015 | BY Madhavankutty Pillai

Nestle sent the new batches produced in its Karnataka, Punjab and Goa plants for testing in three government approved laboratories which deemed them fine


12 Nov 2015

A south Indian delicacy returns to its north Indian roots in an online avatar


10 Nov 2015 | BY Aparna Karthikeyan

Perpetrators prefer using a poisonous delicacy when they want to get away with murder. Food offers a very convenient way of avoiding detection. Despite all his precautions, rumour has it that even the Roman Emperor Augustus could not escape being slowly poisoned to death by his wife


5 Aug 2015 | BY Shylashri Shankar

To contemplate the art of being idle, of pottering around, drinking a tall glass of ice cold buttermilk or lemon soda, and nibbling on a cold grapefruit and hot peanut salad, seems an apt subject for the long hot summer


2 Jul 2015 | BY Shylashri Shankar

Food inspectors say they’re up to the challenge of keeping people safe, even taking on powerful business interests—if only they were better equipped for it


25 Jun 2015

The mobile internet has created a new business in the food delivery sector and venture capitalists are rushing to invest in a range of new apps


3 Jun 2015 | BY Madhavankutty Pillai

At birth, we all have about 10,000 taste buds scattered on the back, sides and tip of the tongue. But just like with the brain’s grey cells, we still don’t know why some use more of their taste buds than others


27 May 2015 | BY Shylashri Shankar

Why the Maggi problem is an opportunity


25 May 2015 | BY Mohit Hira

Just as one adds a pinch of sugar or jaggery to balance the acidity of a tomato or tamarind, the sleuth’s savouring of a dish offsets and highlights the demon-like aspects of the crime


1 Apr 2015 | BY Shylashri Shankar
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