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India’s most famous footballer runs for a perfect strike in a Trinamool jersey


24 Mar 2014 | BY Lhendup G Bhutia

Sylvester Peter, 37 , works as a holistic trainer, counsellor and motivational speaker, and uses his personal earnings to run My Angels Academy (MAA), which is based in a small rented room in a slum in the Vikaspuri area of Delhi.


1 Nov 2013 | BY Raul Irani

What the country’s recent football glories conceal


18 Jul 2013 | BY Sergio Mukherjee

The line-up for this year’s UEFA Champions League has three usual suspects and one gigantic wave of energy


24 Apr 2013 | BY Sopan Joshi

One football fan’s patient pursuit of a ticket for a Champion’s League Game


11 Apr 2013 | BY Dhananjay Khadilkar

Santhosh Kumar lives two lives and does not even wear a mask. As an auto-rickshaw driver in one and a no-nonsense, FIFA-accredited referee in the other


19 Oct 2012 | BY Shahina KK

A great football club comes off a dizzy high, a star footballer-coach moves on, and football aesthetes the world over join hands in a silent prayer


7 May 2012 | BY Sopan Joshi

As the IPL comes off its worst ever season, the answers lie in its journey since the glitzy debut in 2008


8 Jun 2011 | BY Vaibhav Vats

Interestingly, sometimes the champions earn less than the losing team


13 May 2011 | BY Akshay Sawai

Basharat Baba was selected to train in Brazil. It was only once his passport was rejected that he learnt his father was a former militant


10 Mar 2011 | BY Atiya Hussain
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