under freedom

Some of them make abandoned buildings their home. A few scavenge for food. Most of them talk eloquently about freedom. What they have in common is an ideal: of living moneyless lives


13 Jun 2013 | BY Raksha Kumar

And a government that thinks it can discipline it by cracking a whip


2 Feb 2012

Sexual assault cannot be explained away by geography, morality, causality, and certainly not anodyne reportage that allows you to skim and move on


1 Jul 2011 | BY A Ranganayaki

Young Kashmiris speak up about the turmoil in their state in this explosive new anthology. An excerpt from an essay


18 May 2011 | BY Wasim Bhat

Pakistan is not about to erupt like Egypt. Fundamentally because Pakistanis have never been gagged


17 Feb 2011 | BY Mosharraf Zaidi

Photographers, artists and writers from across the world come together in this book to discuss the erosion of democracy and shrinking of freedom


23 Dec 2010 | BY Avantika Bhuyan

The first female war photographer shot some famous pictures. This book features a few that are not so well known.


8 Sep 2010 | BY Pramila N. Phatarphekar

It could have been a period piece about political prisoners and state repression during the Emergency. But 30 years after it was made, the film still rings with contemporary relevance.


4 Sep 2009

India’s gift to me is that she doesn’t get in the way of my freedom to be, she allows me the space to show respect voluntarily.


21 Aug 2009 | BY Rimli Sengupta

With the Taliban’s shadow looming large in many parts of the country, voter turnout matters more than the outcome of the elections.


19 Aug 2009 | BY Revati Laul
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