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It killed our appetite when we heard it. Gourmet, that trend-defining, indeed gold standard of food magazines, is closing. The November issue will be its last. This comes after publisher Conde Nast hired McKinsey & Company to do a three-month study which advised it to cut costs at several magazines. Apart from Gourmet, it is also shutting down Cookie (a parenting magazine), Modern Bride and Elegant Bride. But Gourmet is the shocker, given its near ‘biblical status’ (The New York Times) in the food world.0

8 Oct 2009 | BY Sohini Chattopadhyay

These are boutique salt crystals scraped from the Himalayas or harvested in France, bursting with health benefits and snob value


2 Jul 2009

Pan Asian food is the latest culinary craze in India. But cuisines from many countries have simply been ignored


13 Jun 2009 | BY Avantika Bhuyan
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