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Reading these graphic novel adaptations of Agatha Christie crime novels is like rediscovering an old friend


28 Jul 2011 | BY Divya Saxena

Despite the failings of its polemics, this graphic telling of Ambedkar’s story deserves to be read


21 Apr 2011 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

Chronicling the past as well as documenting the contemporary, Banerjee playfully counts our losses


6 Apr 2011 | BY Janice Pariat

As Indian graphic novels evolve, they are taking some unfamiliar, unIndian turns, if still to tell familiar stories


18 Feb 2011 | BY Divya Saxena

Emergency, Uncensored A visual depiction of events of the 1970s that makes this dark period seem more sinister than ever.


28 Jul 2010 | BY Gautam Bhatia

This graphic novel is a satire on modern life, and what greed does to human beings and all that comes in their way


4 Nov 2009 | BY Elizabeth Kuruvilla
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