under Gujarat

Will PM Modi be able to work the same magic in Kashmir, as he did in 2001 in Kutch?


29 Sep 2014 | BY Shruti Vyas

Modi played the indulgent host to perfection as he tried to bond with the visiting Chinese president Xi Jinping. Can the mutually suspicious Asian powers overcome the trust deficit?


18 Sep 2014 | BY Ullekh NP

Gujarat isn’t Guangdong, but shows the rest of India what its model of governance can achieve


1 May 2014 | BY Dhiraj Nayyar

Criticises Gujaratis for giving nothing to Mumbai


11 Feb 2014 | BY Haima Deshpande

After police turned up with VHP activists to arrest local butchers for slaughtering cows, a Muslim group in a Gujarat village launched a cow protection campaign


21 Dec 2013 | BY Omkar Khandekar

An ill-matched lead pair and phony environment make this film hard to watch


2 Dec 2013 | BY Ajit Duara

After it advertised that five of its inmates were looking for grooms, the Nari Sanrakshan Gruha, a home for destitute women in Surat, received more than 550 CVs of suitors—an average of 110 suitors for each girl. “Once they reach marriagea•ble age, we start teaching them to be good wives,” said Rupal K Shah, chairman of the Gruha. “They never had a family and now they need one. So, a strong family background is the primary criterion for any eligible groom.” He would also need to be a bachelor with a steady income and no criminal record.0

12 Oct 2013 | BY Somudra Banerjee

Gujarat government documents reveal what a PR agency will need to do as the BJP bends backwards to create a larger–than–life Modi


17 Jul 2013 | BY Jatin Gandhi

The story of a man who set up shop in a Muslim colony of Ahmedabad shunned by other businesses after the riots of 2002


20 Apr 2013 | BY Zahir Janmohamed

Just another ‘buddy’ film inhabited by colourless characters


27 Feb 2013 | BY Ajit Dua
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