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3 Sep 2014

It is Narendra Modi moment as one of democracy’s most popular leaders to play out the script of the India Ideal: the liberal state rising from the last wreckage of the socialist mind. Freedom is about daring—and he should know


14 Aug 2014 | BY S Prasannarajan

Peace has been said to be indivisible; so is freedom, so is prosperity now, and so also is disaster in this one world that can no longer be split into isolated fragments. To the people of India, whose representatives we are, we appeal to join us with faith and confidence in this great adventure. This is no time for petty and destructive criticism, no time for ill-will or blaming others.0

13 Aug 2014 | BY (Photo: PIB/AFP)

Gandhi’s march here was one of the most dramatic moments in Indian history. The villagers today want to march out


13 Aug 2014 | BY Lhendup G Bhutia

India according to a liberalisation child


13 Aug 2014 | BY As told to Gunjeet Sra

How the magazine was to shape what I’d do later in life


7 Aug 2013 | BY Akshay Sawai

Graham’s dual timezone watch on the occasion of India’s Independence Day


7 Aug 2013

Stories of Indian creativity: Magnificent Gogoi and his flying car • Made in Tihar • Write like a dancer • The fraud of Vedic maths •  35 years of Sholay...


12 Aug 2010

India’s gift to me is that she doesn’t get in the way of my freedom to be, she allows me the space to show respect voluntarily.


21 Aug 2009 | BY Rimli Sengupta

West Bengal’s Nadia district celebrates freedom from British rule on 15, 17 and 18 August


20 Aug 2009 | BY Jaideep Mazumdar
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