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Modi has made the relationship more forward looking0

20 Nov 2015 | BY Harsh V Pant

Being rich in India in the age of Thomas Piketty


5 Nov 2015 | BY Siddharth Singh

A month in Japan, where the bathroom experience is beyond superlative, makes one wonder how Japan and India could have diverged in such a dramatic fashion when it comes to potty culture


14 Oct 2015 | BY Tishani Doshi

A nation struggling to recover from one crisis has been hit by another


12 Oct 2015 | BY Naomi Mihara

Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri’s magisterial memoir further underlines the truth that the consolidation of India’s own nationhood depends crucially on our being able to look on Pakistan as a friend and neighbour, not as a threat and an enemy


8 Oct 2015 | BY Mani Shankar Aiyar

The news from Bangladesh should alert India to the threat from ISIS. It is real and immediate


7 Oct 2015 | BY Tufail Ahmad

Modi should not waste his time on the UN


1 Oct 2015 | BY Harsh V Pant

A majestic narrative on the Silk Roads retells global history where West and Central Asia form the axis of power play. The historian as a captivating storyteller is less convincing when he turns prophetic. The roads may not rise again


30 Sep 2015 | BY Srinath Raghavan

Bringing the Godavari and the Krishna together in Andhra Pradesh marks India’s first river-linking project. Has life too changed course?


24 Sep 2015 | BY Text and Photographs by Ritesh Uttamchandani

Dwarfed by doubts and hobbled by a lack of political will, India has for so long failed to play out its inherent strength. Can Prime Minister Narendra Modi unlock the great-power potential of the country? A new book by one of India’s foremost strategic thinkers anatomises the power paradigms of a nation in transition


16 Sep 2015 | BY Bharat Karnad
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