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People with chronic health conditions are increasingly turning to health networking sites for emotional support


8 Jun 2012 | BY Charukesi Ramadurai

The bizarre ways in which the Internet is regulated in 21st century India


1 Jun 2012

And a government that thinks it can discipline it by cracking a whip


2 Feb 2012

This government seems to be working overtime to prove that it does not think its decisions through


8 Dec 2011 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

Every click of yours is quietly being watched. Worse, you are slowly being pushed into an information ghetto


1 Jul 2011 | BY Aresh Shirali

Perceptions that the blind don’t use computers keep websites inaccessible to them


13 May 2011 | BY Anil Budur Lulla

A site hosting the Savita Bhabhi webcomic was one of the first to be blocked.


10 Mar 2011

Two online humorists tell us about what led them there, and where they go next.


24 Sep 2010 | BY Rahul Bhatia

Alleged internet misuse is enough, it would seem, to suspend a student from universities. And this is not the only campus facing a clampdown.


24 Sep 2010 | BY Pallavi Polanki

The internet and cellphone have made sure that there is no age limit to enjoying porn now.


1 Jul 2010 | BY Akshay Sawai
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