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Israel is a country trapped between mutilated geography and hateful history


21 Oct 2015 | BY S Prasannarajan

When the knife becomes the preferred weapon of angry gods


15 Oct 2015 | BY S Prasannarajan

With the Iran deal, it is the end of evil for Obama. Sadly though, the revolution is not dead in Iran yet


16 Jul 2015 | BY S Prasannarajan

Why Modi's forthcoming visit to Israel will be a historical correction


4 Jun 2015 | BY S Prasannarajan

Muslim-owned eateries boycott soft drinks this Ramzan to protest the US support of Israel


24 Jul 2014 | BY Lhendup G Bhutia

The tricks used by Israel’s fans are both familiar and fallacious


9 Dec 2012 | BY Nivedita Menon

Why do Indian intellectuals ignore the Jewish state’s side of the story?


22 Nov 2012 | BY Jonas Moses Lustiger

The story of a war-torn world where that seems a fair exchange to both sides


23 Oct 2011 | BY Aimee Ginsburg

After the bullets and blood of the Arab Spring, The Israeli Summer seems almost fluffy, but the protestors are dead serious. So what is this all about?


18 Aug 2011 | BY Aimee Ginsburg

Or the perils of living off the news


3 Aug 2011 | BY Aimee Ginsburg
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