under Jinnah

A play that converses actively with the audience, invigorates the public conversation about the identity of the Indian Muslim and doesn’t flinch from drawing Jinnah into the discussion


4 Dec 2013 | BY Suhit Kelkar

Neither had the power to set the agenda for the Partition. The blame lies squarely with the British empire and its representative at the time—Mountbatten.


27 Aug 2009 | BY Ninad D. Sheth

Jaswant Singh cites Gokhale to sell Jinnah as ‘an ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity’. So, Hitler was a painter, right?


27 Aug 2009 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

The unceremonious expulsion of this last survivor of the Vajpayee era smacks of a BJP desperate to shirk the blame for its poll debacle.


20 Aug 2009 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

What’s with the BJP and its obsession with Jinnah? First LK Advani and now Jaswant Singh have gone out on a limb to say something charitable about the man.


18 Aug 2009 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal
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