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India pays lip service to a 19th century European idea that is of little relevance today


4 Apr 2014 | BY Patrick French

An Indian scholar in the US faces over three decades in prison on an absurd charge. The story of a family’s battle for justice.


30 Sep 2009 | BY Manju Sara Rajan

It could have been a period piece about political prisoners and state repression during the Emergency. But 30 years after it was made, the film still rings with contemporary relevance.


4 Sep 2009

India’s gift to me is that she doesn’t get in the way of my freedom to be, she allows me the space to show respect voluntarily.


21 Aug 2009 | BY Rimli Sengupta

The act of history that gave us our independence in fact created two independent nations. A view from across the border.


15 Aug 2009 | BY Faiza S. Khan

Is nationality really personal? What does it mean for me to be Indian? What does it mean to be Indian now, after 62 independent years?


15 Aug 2009 | BY Rimli Sengupta
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