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India’s Maoists pulled off another PR coup when elusive rebel leader Kishenji publicly gave Union Home Minister P Chidambaram a number to call on to discuss the terms of negotiations.


4 Mar 2010 | BY Jaideep Mazumdar

How a barely remembered island in the Sunderbans delta links to the chain of events that has led to the Indian State’s woes with Maoists.


18 Nov 2009 | BY Sandipan Deb

Hunting down Naxals; BJP's invisibility cloak; Tweet Like Tharoor; MA in Karunanidhi-giri; and Losing the race on caste


22 Oct 2009

Until Nepal can attain political stability without them, the country’s Maoists have the strongest hand to play. What might Prachanda’s next move be?


6 Aug 2009 | BY Sudeep Chakravarti

Though fighting oppression in West Bengal, Maoists are busy oppressing their own cadres in Jharkhand.


26 Jun 2009 | BY Dhirendra K. Jha

As security personnel inch forward in Lalgarh and the Maoists retreat, villagers are left behind to face the rough end of the stick


26 Jun 2009 | BY Rahul Pandita

Peace in Nepal, or merely the absence of war, continues at the pleasure of the Maoists. For how long will this carry on?


23 Jun 2009 | BY Sudeep Chakravarti
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