The Assignment

For Anjan Sundaram, mathematics was a spiritual pursuit. But then he was consumed by the desire to collide with reality. And, he went to Congo as a journalist. There, amid the rubble of a country torn by civil war and in the company of its wretched children, he experienced life at its most exuberant

Masters of the Universe

The mythical mathematician is a troubled but brilliant mind focused on truths that lie beyond the horizon. This may not be the entire truth, but it’s time to ask what is—as India hosts its first ever Fields Medal ceremony, and that too, without any fanfare.

Million Dollar Men

Earlier this year, an eccentric Russian mathematician turned down $1,000,000 for solving one of seven Millennium Prize Problems. Now, an Indian has laid claim to another.

Seeing through Maths

Equations that claimed to predict human behaviour are blamed for Wall Street’s destruction. Increasingly, it seems, there is something naïve about maths

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