under Mumbai

Hooch was being sold in connivance with local cops and excise officials for some 30 years in the slums of Malwani, where the tragedy occurred


2 Jul 2015

Spotted near Wadala, on the eastern seaboard of Mumbai, two men filling water bottles from a leaky pipeline that runs over an open sewer flanked by fields used by farmers to cultivate livestock fodder. In the background is one of the many factories that pollute not only the ground water but also the air around here. Asked for their names, the man in the vest says, “We are the ones who have no names, no homes, no status and no water in your city”0

2 Jul 2015 | BY By Ritesh Uttamchandani

Chicken, low in nutrients and high in price, is not a viable alternative for police dogs in Maharashtra


25 Jun 2015 | BY Haima Deshpande

Graffiti at a construction site in Jogeshwari, a western suburb of Mumbai. Till the other day, this metal partition had only ‘Jesus loves U’ written on it0

4 Jun 2015 | BY Ritesh Uttamchandani

The mobile internet has created a new business in the food delivery sector and venture capitalists are rushing to invest in a range of new apps


3 Jun 2015 | BY Madhavankutty Pillai

India’s luxury housing market is saddled with a demand slowdown, but real estate developers maintain a brave front


27 May 2015

Baby Patankar, who introduced Meow Meow to the city and was arrested on 22 April, is said to be worth over Rs 100 crore


23 Apr 2015 | BY Haima Deshpande

A Marathi movie at prime time in Mumbai multiplexes does not deserve outrage


9 Apr 2015 | BY Madhavankutty Pillai

A new addiction is gripping the city


18 Mar 2015 | BY Haima Deshpande

A large-scale battle is being mounted by Mumbaikars to save the only green belt of the city


12 Mar 2015 | BY Lhendup G Bhutia
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