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Here’s my take on bands that have a body of work worth investing time and money in, and if they’re playing in your city, ensure that you catch the show. I’d trade my Buddy Guy pick to be a first-time listener of their music


20 May 2015 | BY Lalitha Suhasini

Why does AR Rahman’s music spawn so many cover versions by other artists?


23 Apr 2015 | BY Shreya Sethuraman

Songwriting by Indian bands in English has stood out for all the wrong reasons. It’s mostly unremarkable. I can’t remember any great pop song in English that I can sing word for word written by an Indian band in the past year


15 Apr 2015 | BY Lalitha Suhasini

A powerful compact wireless speaker that delivers premium sound


15 Apr 2015 | BY Gagandeep Singh Sapra

The younger, local audience in Rajasthan may not realise what the fuss is about, but the world’s best musicians are drawn to the folk music of their state


25 Feb 2015 | BY Lalitha Suhasini

The Triton speaker series has yet another offer of superb sound


5 Feb 2015 | BY Gagandeep Singh Sapra

A digital piano that recreates that natural sound of an acoustic one


28 Jan 2015 | BY Gagandeep Singh Sapra

Fluent in the grammar of social media, a new generation of singer-songwriters is all set to storm the stage


21 Jan 2015 | BY Sneha Bhura

The ‘Make in India’ campaign held resonance for metal bands decades before the idea began trending


21 Jan 2015 | BY Lalitha Suhasini

A wireless audio streaming device that matches the music to your mood


21 Jan 2015 | BY Gagandeep Singh Sapra
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