under Narendra Modi

Modi dazzles the smartest in Silicon Valley


1 Oct 2015 | BY V Shoba in San Jose

It was part two of the Indian enchanter in America, and this time Narendra Modi was feted as the man who will accompany Silicon Valley to its next level of glory, even as the Valley takes India with it—to heights as yet unforeseen, except in the mind of the man who once sold tea on the sort of railway platform that will soon be kitted out with free WiFi by Google


1 Oct 2015 | BY Tunku Varadarajan in New York

What happens when the leading alliances in Bihar are biased towards fielding Yadav candidates


1 Oct 2015 | BY Kumar Anshuman in Patna

Modi should not waste his time on the UN


1 Oct 2015 | BY Harsh V Pant

Narendra Modi’s next phase of modernisation will begin from the backwardness of Bihar


24 Sep 2015 | BY PR Ramesh

Discontent in Kashmir deepens as the PDP-BJP government loses its way


17 Sep 2015 | BY Ullekh NP

Dwarfed by doubts and hobbled by a lack of political will, India has for so long failed to play out its inherent strength. Can Prime Minister Narendra Modi unlock the great-power potential of the country? A new book by one of India’s foremost strategic thinkers anatomises the power paradigms of a nation in transition


16 Sep 2015 | BY Bharat Karnad

Jeremy Corbyn, the far-left rebel who is now the Labour leader, could be a passing phenomenon. Will he meet Narendra Modi when the Indian Prime Minister visits London in November?


16 Sep 2015 | BY Lance Price

An unjustified demand for reservations by a dominant group has engulfed Gujarat in a caste struggle for power


3 Sep 2015 | BY Kumar Anshuman
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