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The North and South Blocks at Raisina Hill in New Delhi are lit up in the days leading up to India’s 67th Republic Day. Vijay Chowk, seen in the foreground, plays host to the Beating the Retreat ceremony performed by the Army, Navy and Air Force bands. This occasion marks the official end to the Republic Day celebrations0

27 Jan 2016 | BY T Narayan

The 260-year-old Safdarjung’s Tomb, New Delhi, in evening sunlight. The last such monument built by the Mughals, this garden tomb is the resting place of Mirza Muqim Abul Mansur Khan, the one-time Nawab of Awadh0

18 Nov 2015 | BY T Narayan

The fall of an institution where political patronage and academic research go hand in hand


24 Sep 2015 | BY Sunaina Kumar

For runners who find the classic 42 km marathon too small a challenge, here is what gets the adrenaline going


15 Jul 2015 | BY Shreya Sethuraman

India’s legendary maverick returns in style with a new show. Anjolie Ela Menon in conversation


1 Apr 2015 | BY Rajni George

For the past 33 years, Hemant Das, 78, a social worker with the Guru Darbar temple in Azadpur Mandi, New Delhi, has been serving free meals—provided by the temple—to the needy who live in temporary shelters along Kursiya Ghat on the banks of the Yamuna0

1 Apr 2015 | BY Ashish Sharma

Around 200 people who help prepare the Budget remain isolated in North Block for 10 days


4 Mar 2015 | BY Chinki Sinha

It’s one of the best addresses in Delhi—and one of the poshest and the classiest as well in its imperial elegance. Some occupants find it too good to vacate. We find out why


30 Oct 2014 | BY Chinki Sinha

A retired 76-year-old government officer, LD Chopra, breathes through an oxygen mask at his residence in New Delhi. For Chopra, an asthmatic patient, life depends on uninterrupted electricity supply. An unconscious Chopra was rushed to hospital on 31 May when thunderstorms disrupted power supply to his oxygen concentrator. Like Chopra’s residence in the east of the city, much of Delhi suffered long power outages after a spike in demand and damage to power lines caused by thunderstorms overwhelmed the grid.0

18 Jun 2014 | BY Raul Irani

New Delhi shrank on the world stage as he looked on


1 Apr 2014 | BY Bharat Karnad
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