under Pakistan

For the masses to be mobilised, the violence must be seen as justified. That means choosing the ‘lowest common denominator’


15 Jan 2015 | BY Jason Burke

A review of Paskistan's Urdu-language newspapers after the 16 December Peshawar attack reveals that much of the blame has been heaped on India


22 Dec 2014 | BY Tufail Ahmad

The Peshawar school massacre will not change Pakistani policy


18 Dec 2014 | BY Tufail Ahmad

What’s behind the outrage over Pakistani hockey players’ rudeness towards spectators


18 Dec 2014 | BY Madhavankutty Pillai

Can Ashraf Ghani save Afghanistan? The new President in conversation with James Astill


11 Dec 2014 | BY James Astill

The fall of Robin L Raphel and an old diplomatic peeve


27 Nov 2014 | BY Bennett Voyles

There’s one tip that Pakistanis have given the people of India, known for politicians holding things to ransom


18 Sep 2014

Pakistan’s experiment with democracy is as incendiary as ever


11 Sep 2014 | BY Nadeem F Paracha

For seeking to destabilise the Pakistan government without much justification


28 Aug 2014

Pakistan has to negotiate either with India or with the militants. There can’t be two options


21 Aug 2014
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