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Is the threatened journalist a Pakistani curse alone?


1 May 2014 | BY Garga Chatterjee

Turtuk was a border region in Pakistan until 1971. One fine day, it became a part of India. The unsettling effects of this switch are still visible


17 Jan 2014 | BY Shubhangi Swarup

On Pakistan’s ‘rat children’


15 Jan 2014 | BY Osama Motiwala

Near the beginning of his book, What’s Wrong With Pakistan?, eminent Pakistani journalist Babar Ayaz offers a diagnosis that the country has a genetic defect


20 Nov 2013 | BY Rahul Pandita

Human rights activist, journalist and writer Zulfiqar Shah and his activist wife Fatima Shah are refugees from Pakistan’s Sindh province who have applied for asylum in India. As of 12 November, they have been sitting outside the Press Club of India for 28 days in protest of their alleged persecution by the Pakistan High Commission in India.0

13 Nov 2013 | BY Ashish Sharma

In his new book, Husain Haqqani attempts to bridge the gap of understanding between the US and Pakistan


4 Nov 2013 | BY Devika Bakshi

Like all of its minorities, the Christian population is in decline in Pakistan


26 Sep 2013

Why must India and Pakistan rely on Western reports for news on each other?


4 Jul 2013 | BY Amit Baruah

Nawaz Sharif’s party won a near majority in Pakistan’s National Assembly. But it was Imran Khan’s campaign that animated the polls


15 May 2013 | BY Zubair A Dar

Victimised for their faith, Hindu refugees from across the border say they do not want to return


20 Apr 2013 | BY Rahul Pandita
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