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How a man with short-term memory remembers the moments of his life


8 Apr 2013 | BY Charles Assisi

Michael Sandel, whose Harvard course ‘Justice’ has a cult following, talks about philosophy and the building of good societies


25 Mar 2012 | BY Madhavankutty Pillai

There is a reason Slavoj Zizek has been described as the most dangerous philosopher in the West.


12 Jan 2010 | BY Jaspreet Singh

As two scientists claim that the future has infiltrated the present to sabotage our search for the God Particle, theoretical physics has peaked as a form of entertainment.


22 Oct 2009 | BY Manu Joseph

The London Underground will now have train drivers enlightening passengers with words of wisdom.


26 Aug 2009 | BY Sajeda Momin

Camus’ grave, quiet voice, his imagination and his seemingly cynical but actually liberating philosophy have kept me going


22 Jul 2009 | BY Sandipan Deb
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