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Cartoonist Nitin Late sketches a portrait of Somnath Darade, a sub inspector from the MRA Marg police station in Crawford Market, Mumbai. During the recently concluded Kala Ghoda festival, he was busy making portraits of almost all the cops stationed near the festival venue either for free or for whatever they offered. Nitin moonlights as a freelance sketch artist with the Mumbai Police, and makes sketches of offenders based on descriptions. He is also a ‘friend of the homeless and the sick’— ‘Rugna Mitra’ in Marathi.0

18 Feb 2015 | BY Ritesh Uttamchandani

A Pakistani artist drew his own blood, half a litre of it, to paint this portrait. But the wait for a visa is discolouring it


2 Mar 2011 | BY Satyen K Bordoloi

He quickly caught on why I was shooting him when he rubbed his face or scratched his head. “Candids only,” he said. Sure, I said.


31 Dec 2009
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