The Rest of the X-Tapes

Only a fraction of the over 5,800 recorded conversations that lobbyist Niira Radia had with public figures and others have been revealed to the public. An official revelation of the entire set of what are known as Radia Tapes will be a significant moment in Indian democracy

“The Truth will Come Out”

In an exclusive interview with Open, Home Secretary GK Pillai makes it plain that much more startling information is yet to emerge from the Radia tapes. Answering questions on a range of issues, from the right to privacy and tackling of Maoists to human rights and police reforms, he makes a frank case for what needs to be done. Excerpts:

The Money Trail

The few Radia tapes that have emerged shed light on how the media and government are influenced. The ones that remain with the Centre reveal disturbing flows of money.

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