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The 41-year-old Gandhi as Congress Working President? The murmurs have begun again


18 Aug 2011 | BY Jatin Gandhi

The chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes seems to be on a Congress assignment


20 Jul 2011 | BY Jatin Gandhi

He says he has learnt more outside Parliament than inside it. Stands to reason, given his dismal appearance record in the Lok Sabha


15 Jul 2011 | BY Jatin Gandhi

Not so long ago, he was a mascot of the youth. Now he wants to be seen as the voice of the aam aadmi. Great branding it may be, but success is harder fought


19 May 2011 | BY Jatin Gandhi

For a man who may soon lead the country, he still has to learn to think things through before he speaks


19 May 2011 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

A chief minister loses the plot in Uttar Pradesh. A challenger grabs the opportunity. But this ought to be about a fair deal for farmers, not the 2012 polls.


15 May 2011 | BY Pallavi Polanki

From two not so long ago, the Congress now has three clear power centres, but no one knows how and where whose writ runs


24 Dec 2010

Barack Obama’s political persona and career have many vital cues for India’s Prime Minister-in-waiting


11 Nov 2010 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

Nitish is cruising on development, Lalu is peddling a turnaround story, Rahul is planning for the future, and everyone else seems to be shunning ‘Modi’


4 Nov 2010 | BY Jatin Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi wants to radically transform a party that had grown much too distant from ordinary citizens. He expects to have 20 million new recruits, but wants more.


26 Aug 2010 | BY Jatin Gandhi
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