under Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie in his new novel regains the magic as he unleashes the jinn in the War of the Worlds


4 Sep 2015 | BY S Prasannarajan

Ranging from old school murder mysteries and a New York City cop drama to a World War II whodunnit and a weird little railway adventure, six thrillers for this summer 0

11 Jun 2015 | BY Rajni George

The best-selling author of The Da Vinci Code lectures on science and religion, and why he’s adept at killing off characters, in his turn at the Penguin Annual Lecture in India


11 Nov 2014 | BY Sunaina Kumar

Rushdie’s Email War • Small Screen Selectivity • Of Egos and Insecurities


15 Feb 2013 | BY Rajeev Masand

A history of insults in Indian literature


21 Dec 2012 | BY Omair Ahmad

Satya Bhabha plays the Bombay boy in Midnight’s Children, though he has never lived in India. What helped was one long chat with Salman Rushdie


15 Oct 2012 | BY Nikhil Taneja

In Joseph Anton, Salman Rushdie alleges that journalist Madhu Jain’s review of The Satanic Verses “lit the fire”. Her response


22 Sep 2012 | BY Madhu Jain

When Roy writes, ‘The youth, in preparation to an attack, marked each venue by reading from their prayer books in an act most of us are familiar with as a precursor to a holy war or fight’, he comes close to demonising a community.


7 Feb 2012 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

Jaipur Literature Festival’s producer Sanjoy Roy takes exception to a piece Open ran


7 Feb 2012 | BY Sanjoy K Roy

Cynical Congressmen and supine litfest organisers script a dangerous farce


25 Jan 2012 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal
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