under Slumdog Millionaire

The film festival’s pretensions to international stature don’t square with reality. Is it time to wrest control of it from the Government?


25 Nov 2015 | BY Charmy Harikrishnan

...from the land of Shanti Shanti


18 Nov 2011 | BY Aimee Ginsburg

 “Eye-gouging only happens when the lazier slum-dwellers, who would rather beg than work, request the operation.”


1 Jul 2010

‘Jai Ho’ is the first instance of a Hindi phrase becoming a global password.


9 Dec 2009 | BY Arindam Mukherjee

Iconic films in the West have had a way of triggering germane debate. Has Slumdog done the same for us?


29 Jun 2009 | BY Rahul Jayaram

AR Rahman hates deadlines as much as he craves musical perfection, often driving filmmakers up the wall... An extract


29 Jun 2009 | BY Kamini Mathai

British tabloid News of the World does a sting on Rubina’s father, Rafiq. And comes up with  stuff on their face.


19 Jun 2009 | BY CP Surendran

Resul Pookutty is an Oscar Award winning film sound engineer, sound designer and sound mixer


17 Jun 2009 | BY Rahul Bhatia
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