under Sonia Gandhi

An MLA in Andhra Pradesh built a temple in the honour of Sonia Gandhi for granting statehood to Telangana, a demand pending for over six decades.


17 Jan 2014 | BY K Naresh Kumar

There are many settlements in Kerala’s Attappady tribal block that have only women, mostly widows with tragic lives. A close look at a peculiar imbalance


13 Jun 2013 | BY Shahina KK

The second rung of the Congress party, where there is much jostling for power, is the origin of some of the most ridiculous political spin in recent times


15 May 2013 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

Will cash transfer under UID be the Congress’ vote-catcher for 2014 as NREGA was in 2009?


7 Dec 2012 | BY Devangshu Datta

Life inside the charmed circle of the Gandhis


21 Nov 2012 | BY Tavleen Singh

…and what it says about him and the party led by his in-laws


11 Oct 2012 | BY Jatin Gandhi

After seers at Karnataka’s muths tilt, Sonia senses a chance


3 May 2012 | BY Anil Budur Lulla

Sonia Gandhi was expected to turn Congress leadership over to Rahul Gandhi. The failure to do so explains much of the mess the party now finds itself in


25 Mar 2012 | BY Jatin Gandhi

The manner in which the Food Security Bill has been passed by the Cabinet is at least as problematic as the debate over the Lokpal Bill


23 Dec 2011 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

Clearly, a book for a foreign readership by an ill-informed writer. Why foist this on us?


11 Nov 2011 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal
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