under star

Extracts from the autobiography of Shakeela, South India’s celebrity soft-porn star who wouldn’t go completely nude


11 Feb 2014 | BY Shakeela

For John Abraham it’s credibility over career, fitness over glamour. Nikhil Taneja talks to the surprisingly straight-edge star


30 Sep 2013 | BY Nikhil Taneja

And all that it reveals of the man behind the star


14 Jan 2013 | BY Aastha Atray Banan

Vain and cocky, yes. But dedicated too. That’s India’s newest cricket star


9 Mar 2012 | BY Aanchal Bansal

Vijay ‘Showman’ Amritraj has little to show for all the importance that India lavishes on him.


7 Jan 2010 | BY Akshay Sawai

He quickly caught on why I was shooting him when he rubbed his face or scratched his head. “Candids only,” he said. Sure, I said.


31 Dec 2009
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