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Sixty-nine per cent of the Indian population is deficient in vitamin D and another 15 per cent has it in insufficient amounts. For them, 15 minutes of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays is recommended for the production of vitamin D. As health facilities improve, more and more Indians will find themselves diagnosed with the deficiency.

Lack of vitamin D weakens muscles and can result in bowed legs. Rickets, a deformed spine and even heart disease are the other risks.


10 Jun 2015 | BY Aman Nath

A comprehensive study finds no evidence of dark matter around the sun


24 Apr 2012

The finding that the rate of radioactive decay of elements may actually be influenced by solar activity has scientists searching for answers.


8 Sep 2010 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal

Bangalore-based Eclipsewatch had enlisted volunteers across India to record changes among indicator species such as dogs, crows and lizards during the solar eclipse.


21 Jan 2010 | BY Pramila N. Phatarphekar

The sun and the moon are almost the same size in the sky. Is it more than just an intriguing coincidence?


23 Jul 2009 | BY Manu Joseph

A solar eclipse provides a rare glimpse of the sun’s atmosphere, otherwise difficult to see 


15 Jul 2009 | BY Hartosh Singh Bal
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