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Jayalalithaa would be able to run the Government even from the central jail as she has proved her skills best in the art of backseat driving when a similar situation came up in 2000


29 Sep 2014 | BY Shahina KK

For using subsidised products to promote her personality cult


13 Jun 2014

Dravidian pride returns to rule Tamil Nadu politics


28 Feb 2014 | BY Shahina KK

The ugliness of caste politics in Tamil Nadu


22 Nov 2012 | BY Janani Ganesan

On a popular Tamil show, a 17-year-old girl reveals that her father has killed three people. And it turns out to be true


25 Jun 2012 | BY Shahina KK

Nithyananda finds himself in an unholy mess


18 Jun 2012 | BY Anil Budur Lulla

Cyclone Thane did not just devastate Puducherry and Tamil Nadu, it also ripped open hostilities between castes


23 Feb 2012 | BY Shahina KK

The fear of Mullaperiyar bursting open and the hysteria it has generated


8 Jan 2012 | BY Shahina KK

In Tamil Nadu’s southern districts, prisoners are segregated by caste in jails


11 Nov 2011 | BY Shahina KK

The reopening of an old case could create problems for Jayalalithaa. However, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister is not too worried. She has walked this road before


31 Oct 2011 | BY Anil Budur Lulla
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