under West Bengal

Sitaram Yechury faces his biggest test so far in deciding whether to tie up with Congress for the Bengal polls


11 Feb 2016 | BY Kumar Anshuman

Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind after the reunification hopes to influence the outcome of elections in West Bengal, Assam and Uttar Pradesh


3 Dec 2015 | BY Kumar Anshuman

Strong regional parties will continue to hold sway against the BJP


10 Nov 2015 | BY Sumantra Bose

Sitaram Yechury incurs the displeasure of party leaders who want action, not talk, as the new chief goes ahead with plans to hold a plenum in November, just months ahead of crucial polls in Kerala where it is battling against heavy odds to wrest power from the Congress and in West Bengal where it is struggling to retain its second position


23 Jul 2015 | BY Ullekh NP

For threatening to gouge out his opponents’ eyes


25 Jun 2015

Communists like Raul Castro and Sitaram Yechury face a Trotskyan moment today


18 Jun 2015 | BY A Damodaran

While lawyers are free to choose their clients, Sibal’s decision has miffed Congress leaders in the state unit


22 Jan 2015

A reckless Mamata Banerjee reduces Islamist terror to a Centre-state dispute


27 Nov 2014 | BY Ullekh NP

How the Left lost the fight against inequality to the Right


30 Oct 2014 | BY PR Ramesh

Why India should be indebted to Prakash Karat


13 Jun 2014 | BY Ullekh NP
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