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However, the margins in many seats were narrow. And, for the party to perform in the Assembly polls, it will have to deliver in the municipalities.


4 Jun 2010 | BY Jaideep Mazumdar

Bengal’s police chief Bhupinder Singh is poised to become godfather to children of a policeman slain by Maoists.


7 Apr 2010 | BY Jaideep Mazumdar

Trinamool Chief Mamata Banerjee has asked Bengal’s ‘good’ (read: fair and apolitical) police officers to go on leave.


25 Mar 2010 | BY Jaideep Mazumdar

Traffic blockades in Kolkata are part and parcel of the city’s daily routine.


18 Mar 2010 | BY Jaideep Mazumdar

A 12.5 million-strong sect in Bengal might vote en bloc for Didi because their guru wants them to.


17 Mar 2010 | BY Jaideep Mazumdar

The Maoist attack on the EFR camp at Silda has stirred more trouble for the West Bengal government.


5 Mar 2010 | BY Jaideep Mazumdar

Railway Budget as Her Manifesto; All Bets are Off, Almost


25 Feb 2010

A cash-strapped Bengal government has found a farcical way of cutting costs. Bureaucrats who get a newspaper allowance have been asked to lug them back to work.


25 Feb 2010 | BY Jaideep Mazumdar

Jyoti Basu had everything needed to make West Bengal a premier state. Too bad he refused to do it.


21 Jan 2010 | BY Jaideep Mazumdar

CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat dwells on the difficulties his party faces in the 2011 West Bengal Assembly election, the threat from Maoists and more


12 Nov 2009 | BY Amit Baruah
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