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Haute, hautter, hauttest... From the sublime to the downright wacky, Raul Dias brings you the latest fashion and accessory trends for the season. And yes, guys, there’s something for you too





24 Nov 2015 | BY Raul Dias

A village in Rajasthan trains poor African women to harness solar energy


29 Oct 2015 | BY Sneha Bhura

The battle against body shaming


7 Oct 2015 | BY Shreya Sethuraman

A few thousand women in the hill ranges of Munnar challenge the male dominated trade unions of Kerala


17 Sep 2015 | BY Charmy Harikrishnan

The role played by grandmothers in human evolution may explain this odd pairing


16 Sep 2015

The recent Malwani hooch tragedy that claimed 102 lives has revealed how women control a large chunk of the illicit business


23 Jul 2015 | BY Haima Deshpande

Males are not more skilled, they just overestimate their arithmetic prowess


2 Jul 2015

A woman looks at a huge hoarding of a fairness product in Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh. The advertisement, which says ‘Beauty is power’, is typical of complexion lightening products in India that project people—mostly women—with relatively dark skin as facing problems that range from job and matrimonial rejections to low self-esteem and social underconfidence0

27 May 2015 | BY Raul Irani

Formal attire could alter the way one’s brain works


13 May 2015

I send this out as a comrade in equality, as a lover not a misandrist: Will the real Indian man please stand up?


2 Apr 2015 | BY Tishani Doshi
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