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The final novel in Kiran Nagarkar’s trilogy takes his protagonists to the frenetic world of Bollywood and beyond

28 August 2015 | BY Madhavankutty Pillai

Economists can’t regain their credibility unless they give up their physics envy

28 August 2015 | BY Dhiraj Nayyar

The writings of John Lang, who recorded the unexpected and the absurd of British India

28 August 2015 | BY Anjuli Kaul


Office temperatures are usually set for the comfort of male workers, who feel warmer

28 August 2015


Instead of a fresh look, this new version comes with faster software and fingerprint sensors

28 August 2015 | BY Gagandeep Singh Sapra


A moving film on an unsung hero who built his lost love a ‘Taj Mahal’ in Bihar

28 August 2015 | BY Ajit Duara