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Even with no definite plot, this film is a moving meditation on places and what defines them

3 July 2015 | BY Ajit Duara


The latest in the series comes with new hardware packed in a thinner body

3 July 2015 | BY Gagandeep Singh Sapra


Males are not more skilled, they just overestimate their arithmetic prowess

3 July 2015


A rustic travelogue full of folksy accounts is marred by its dull Delhi bits

3 July 2015 | BY Himanshu Bhagat

This rich dream cycle of modern-day fairytales makes no excuses for the modern Muslim in Europe

3 July 2015 | BY Rajni George

An insightful analysis of Pakistan—then, now, soon—that Indians have much to gain from

3 July 2015 | BY Sunanda K Datta-Ray