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A cut-and-dried execution of a good concept renders this film an insipid watch

24 July 2014 | BY Ajit Duara


The evolutionary benefits of friendship

24 July 2014


A tribute to the origin of video gaming, this machine is exclusively for the dedicated gamer

24 July 2014 | BY Gagandeep Singh Sapra


The hilarious diary of a Pakistani socialite returns in its third sortie to cause a flutter yet again

24 July 2014 | BY Faiza S Khan

The tragic story of an Indian woman trying to fit into aristocratic France paints the dark side of the city of love

24 July 2014 | BY Divya Guha

This elegant novel about young people in Delhi is a quietly subversive commentary on urban Indian life—and one of the most original voices in recent Indian fiction

24 July 2014 | BY Rajni George