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It has a few witty lines, but its predictable plot and forgettable characters let it down

21 November 2014 | BY Ajit Duara


For a full-bodied listening experience, these are a must for audiophiles

21 November 2014 | BY Gagandeep Singh Sapra


A group of researchers prove that ghostly apparitions are just illusions of the mind

21 November 2014


Here is a cricketer who was too young to consume the bottle of champagne he received upon winning his first man-of-the-match honour. The legend of Sachin Tendulkar in his own words

21 November 2014 | BY Mini Kapoor

Mirza Waheed’s second novel, in the finest romantic tradition, depicts love amidst conflict in Kashmir

21 November 2014 | BY Mahesh Rao