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In trying so hard to achieve a snazzy feel, this film only comes across as phoney

22 May 2015 | BY Ajit Duara


With its curved display, this is a superfast smartphone for non-conformists

22 May 2015 | BY Gagandeep Singh Sapra


These two psychiatric conditions may not be as distinct as once thought

22 May 2015


A genre-defying Kannada masterpiece ventures joyously between folklore, poetry and theatre

22 May 2015 | BY Arshia Sattar

One of Assam’s most powerful voices uses magic realism to translate insurgency into resilience

22 May 2015 | BY Aruni Kashyap

This well researched slim volume relives the city’s civic past and interprets the present

22 May 2015 | BY Anjuli Kaul

Two refreshing works of Young Adult fiction point to the promise of this genre

22 May 2015 | BY Jai Arjun Singh