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Devoid of authenticity and political depth, this biopic disappoints on many levels

12 September 2014 | BY Ajit Duara

A veteran Canadian filmmaker captures the miracle and mayhem of the Indian rains in a remarkable documentary that premiered last week at the 39th Toronto International Film Festival

12 September 2014 | BY Saibal Chatterjee in Toronto


Its 360° technology means that this novel spherical camera has no blind spot

12 September 2014 | BY Gagandeep Singh Sapra


Domestication involves small changes in many genes and not drastic changes in a few

12 September 2014


A compelling love song for the author’s adoptive home, a city of multiple paradoxes

12 September 2014 | BY Jug Suraiya

A rich and capacious debut novel spreads across Ireland, India and America, but turns into a fable when it doesn’t quite come together

12 September 2014 | BY Shougat Dasgupta

The memoir of Hindi cinema’s enfant terrible brings out in vivid colours the turbulent early years of an exceptional talent

12 September 2014 | BY Jai Arjun Singh