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The final volume of the trilogy on Cicero’s life is a visceral portrayal of the long-lost Roman Empire

5 February 2016 | BY Jug Suraiya

Yann Martel handles life’s big mysteries with the lightest of touch. Will he finally emerge from the shadow of his blockbuster fiction? The novelist in conversation with

5 February 2016 | BY Nandini Nair

Irish author Colm Tóibín is known for his accuracy of detail, whether it is in his descriptions of his walk along the Irish border (Bad Blood) or the emotions of Mary after her son...

5 February 2016 | BY Nandini Nair

Anchored by dystopias, Margaret Atwood’s prescience has often proved uncanny

5 February 2016 | BY Nandini Nair


A deglamorised portrayal of boxing lends this film a touch of authenticity

5 February 2016 | BY Ajit Duara