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Britain: The Isle of Heaven

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If in Britain, there are some experiences you shouldn’t deprive yourself of

Britain hasn’t lost its historic charm. Rather its enduring heritage adds a touch of old world romance.

If your wish is to live a different life, to experience grandeur, to embrace a rich culture and make a slice of history your own, without sacrificing your new world creature comforts, there are abundant places in Britain where you can do so. The Island of Great Britain, the land of Britons, was called Britannia in Latin, and that is how the name Britain came about. It encompasses England, Scotland and Wales along with several small islands. There has never been a better time to plan your luxury holiday to Britain and our suggestions below will only ensure a memorable British Holiday!


There are castles galore—Wales has more castles per head than anywhere else in the world. The coast and hills are dotted with these fortifications, of which the more popularly frequented are Beau- maris, Conwy, Criccieth, Denbigh, Ewloe and Harlech.

If glamour is what you seek, head to Skye, the northwest highlands, where the remote fortress, Eilean Donan Castle sits. You’ll think you’ve seen it before, and perhaps you have on celluloid. It featured in films such as Highlander and James Bond’s The World is not Enough. That’s a Hollywood setting for you.

You can even live the castle dream. Take a pick from marquee venues like Glouces- tershire’s Thornbury Castle or Warwick- shire’s Studley Castle to spend a night, or a few more. For more options, get Land- mark Trust to arrange stay for you at a va- riety of heritage venues—castles, towers, pavilions and more.

If it is sleepless nights you crave, head to the haunted castles. Glamis Castle in central Scotland and Northumberland’s Chillingham are locked in a close contest for the mantle of the most haunted castle. Ghost sightings and spooky stories sur- rounding these two establishments make the experience truly eerie.


Those looking for romance and those just beginning their journey together have a lot to look forward to in Britain. The ad- venturous can go on a car ride across the country in a vintage car or a Volkswagen Campervan. Those who enjoy being pam- pered silly can opt for spa treatments and champagne at the Charlton House Spa Hotel in Somerset. Others can try the natural hot springs of Thermae Bath Spa or trudge off to bask in the natural beauty around Chewton Glen in Hamp- shire. Not excited? Head to Rose Cottage in Devon. Set among the rolling greens the thatched 18th century property is ideal for a lazy vacation—cycle around, have a picnic and get the local pub to deliver meals to your door. Seek more creature comfort? Moorland View in Dartmoor National Park is a traditional English cottage with chic and luxurious rooms.


If in Britain, there are some experiences you shouldn’t deprive yourself of. Here are a few:

The London Eye: It offers a vantage point for the most dramatic view of London. You can survey a 40 kilometer radius on a clear day. On the 30 minute tour you’ll see The Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, ‘the Gherkin’ and more.

The Shard: This is the most prominent and tallest building in London and of- fers a complete view of the city. It has two viewing platforms, with the higher one being an open air affair.

Three Cliffs Bay: When it comes to aeri- al views, there are few that can beat this one—a semi-circle of marsh, cliffs and creamy white beach, hugged by unique rock formations.

Tyne in Newcastle: The river Tyne flows through the city with the arched Tyne Bridge and the new, dynamic Millenium Bridge perched across it.

Wastwater Lake: A three-mile long, shimmering expanse, it is the deepest lake in the region. It is encircled by some of the highest peaks in England, and is a favourite spot for poets, painters and writers.

Seven Sisters: These are chalk white cliffs in Sussex, the south of England. Their austere beauty has enchanted in- vaders and welcomed back sea farers— an iconic symbol Britain’s proud history.

(For more, check www.visitbritain.com)
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