Da Milano: Creating Wave in Global Market

Shivani Malik, Marketing Director of Da Milano
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What has been the guiding force behind the inception of brand in 1989?

The late 1980’s saw Da Milano enter the Indian market with a distinct Italian flavour, the designs have since then been the benchmark of the industry. Da Milano manufactures and retails quality leather bags and accessories. Since its inception the brand has consistently delivered quality of the highest standards, every season, year after year.

How has the journey been from a single store to 60 + stores?

Fashion industry in a developing country is always perceived to be elitist. Building a brand in the segment therefore was an arduous journey. Ideas were considered utopian, even thoughts of embellished or colored bags or leather luggage were considered non-marketable. Leather was always to be for classes. To have ensured that it is for classes in masses and to have created a yearning for the same in masses was and is an accomplishment to cherish a lifetime. It has been a beautiful journey so far and I’m certain to keep it going and growing.

What has been the major challenge in setting up the Brand at international level?

As a brand we believe in evolving and adapting to customer’s needs and requirements which may change over a period of time. We constantly compete with ourselves and make sure we are up to date with latest technology, fast moving fashion and international service standards. Our customer is our utmost priority and we make sure each individual is taken care of personally starting from point of sales to lifetime service guarantee that Da Milano exclusively offers.

How exciting was it to launch of Rosso Brunello?

Graduation from Leather Accessory to Footwear was logical. It was to complete the requirement of all leather needs of men and women. The Footwear start-up Rosso Brunello was to provide comfort and style to a discerning clientele. It was conceptualized to provide quality that was affordable in the cluttered Footwear space. Design and Quality were to be differentiators.

Rosso Brunello is present in 22 stores in India across 7 states. These including shop in shop locations. With our own production facility that has capacity ramped up for over 50 stores the present business size is expected to grow to over 150000 pairs in the next two years.

Da Milano is now expanding exponentially in international let us know how satisfying it is to see your brand being nurtured & being recognize all over the world?

We stand for premium luxury which is reflected in the leather we use, the range we offer and the service we deliver to our customers. The strength of the brand is its quality, ability to churn a range at regular intervals to meet seasonal aspirations of customers, to serve them with aplomb and to ensure that designs are a signature style for customers with each product being an apt value for money.

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