Hitachi: Making in India, Making for India

Hitachi Hi-Rel’s Sanand Mfg Works
Hitachi: Making in India, Making for India
Hitachi: Making in India, Making for India
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India is cruising on the highway of exponential growth revolution propelling fast-paced urbanization paving way for a boost to diversified sectors especially, manufacturing.

The scale of the impact of the manufacturing sector on the economy can be gauged from government projections and media reports which foresee that the sector can touch 1 trillion USD by 2025* and there is potential to create up to 90 million domestic jobs by 2025*. This will further create a value chain of high precision engineering in India, supporting the government’s mission of Skill India and would pave way for localization of capacities and potentially create a magnanimous economic impact. With such defined targets the government has clearly stated its commitment to meet the pressing present and future demands before they become critical and prevent the resultant irreversible chaos through evolved, high impact solutions fundamental to industries to create sustainable growth and make lives of people easier in a safer and healthier environment.

Suitably equipped with Hitachi’s more than a hundred years old legacy of innovative solutions which has immensely benefitted the world, Hitachi India is working closely with the government’s vision of “Make in India” in devising smart ways to meet needs of expanding urban landscapes, growing population and increasing consumption. This surging demand is straining the existing resources of energy, transport, manufacturing, infrastructure, and environment. It is imperative to employ innovative solutions to produce maximum out of minimum resources. Hitachi in India has a strong presence with 27 group companies across various business fields including IT services, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Construction Machinery, Automotive, with a workforce of around 10,000 people.

Hitachi India through its Social Innovation Business is actively helping India to embrace this new era of growth, which is on the path of becoming a center for high-tech world manufacturing. Hitachi’s global standard manufacturing facilities across India helps its clients to consistently excel through its innovative product line-up guided by Hitachi’s more than a century old legacy of collaborative creation around the world, aligning with Government of India’s initiative of ‘Make in India and Sell to the World’.

One of such manufacturing facilities is Hitachi Metals India (HMI), located Making in India, Making for India – Hitachi, Transforming the lives of Millions: Showcasing in ELECRAMA 2018in Gurugram is a center of excellence for Amorphous Metal technologies serving Indian and global markets. Hitachi Metals is world’s first inventor & leading producer of Amorphous Metal, also known by the brand name of Metglas®. This material is unique in terms of significantly low magnetic core losses which can be harnessed for making energy efficient electrical distribution transformers and specialized components like high-frequency inductors and chokes used in inverter applications like PVs (Photo-Voltaic, Solar) and EVs (Electric Vehicles).

India’s growing electric power landscape is loaded with more complex demands due to environmental regulations. HMIin active collaboration since more than two decades with various government institutions of India and local transformer manufacturers is in the forefront of bringing ultra energy efficient amorphous metal transformer technology from US and Japan to India, which has played significant role in improving energy efficiency in power distribution reducing technical losses and saving capacity additions and resultant greenhouse gas emissions. HMI has been actively pursuing energy efficiency improvement and carbon footprint reduction working with large- sized transformer making organizations and also including the number of local MSMEs & SSEs across the country. More than 15 states in India are now employing this technology for better system performance. Under Make in India initiative HMI also manufactures advanced soft magnetic material cores with specific cut geometry made from amorphous material used in high-frequency power electronic applications ranging from Electric- Vehicle, Rolling Stock, Solar Inverters, UPS and Industrial Drives.

Another manufacturing facility, Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics (HHPE) is aggressively contributing towards promoting renewable energy. India is vast and the second most populated country in the world and Government’s progressive schemes are continuously increasing the demand for power. Shortage of power has become a serious concern and it is getting increasingly important to look for alternates like solar/renewable energy. With the government’s vision of producing 100 GW solar and 60 GW wind energy by 2022 to mitigate climate change impacts and promote energy security for healthier and happier societies, HHPE through its Social Innovation Business is creating renewable energy solutions with its Grid Tied Solar Inverters. A recognized market leader and a recent inductee to the GigaByte club by supplying more than 2 GW Solar Inverters, HHPE is now gearing up to meet the future clean power requirements of India as a proud contributor to the government’s stated renewable energy vision. As a part of continuous technical advancement, HHPE has developed the most advanced and NEXT GENERATION Central Inverters suitable for 1500 VDC Solar PV system. Besides this, to address India’s surging demand for power HHPE is also offering the cutting edge power electronics products which include industrial UPS, IT UPS, Medium & Low Voltage Variable Frequency Drives and Railway Products.

ELECRAMA 2018 the biggest showcase of the world of electricity has a theme this year of the complete spectrum of solutions that powers the planet. Under this theme, HMI is exhibiting large ultra-efficient 2.5MVA state of the art amorphous metal technology for distribution transformers and various amorphous components, Hard Magnets and Cables for Solar, Electric-Vehicle, Rolling Stock and Industrial applications.

This combined with other technological advancements, higher productivity, and new product development; HHPE would also be showcasing i6et industrial UPS and shall be added to the company’s current portfolio and featured along with other power electronics products at the Exhibition.

This and more will be an effort from Hitachi to transform India and place if it on the Global growth trajectory.

(*Source: FICCI & PWC)

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