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We bring you some of the finest limited-edition pieces of furniture, each one a collector’s dream

Fine crafted furniture is an art form. And there are some pieces that instantly become icons of their times. instantly recognisable, hugely coveted, these are collectors’ items. here is just such a range, sourced from across the country — finely crafted, innovatively designed and limited edition. picked to satisfy the connoisséur in you.


The iconic bookcase ‘veliero’ was designed by Franco albini in 1940 for his home. after intense research and with the help of experts and engineers, italian specialist furniture company Cas- sina has recreated the bookcase to give it long-term stability. ‘veliero’ brings to mind the masts and riggings of a sailing ship. Made of glass, wood and steel, the bookcase manages to seem airy and translucent while at the same time be- ing rigorous. The books once placed on the shelves seem to float in mid-air. Part of the Cassina I Maestri Collection, get more details from Poltrona Frau Group Design in Mumbai and New Delhi.


This room-divider screen is made of the finest Burma teak, finely carved and painted a lustrous black. The panels in the screen are interspersed with stained glass, and the rich colours offset the black wood beautifully. The vintage piece is not just a room divider, or an interesting décor element; it is a work of art. This is the sort of piece that can be passed down generations for years to come. Available at The Great Eastern Home in Mumbai.


Are they candelabra? Are they side tables? are they wild? They are all of this. The Safari Butler is part of the Safari Collection from renowned London luxury brand Frazer and haws. With a clientele that includes royalty and collectors, a lot of work goes into each of the brand’s creations. Which is why the two bronze deer in the Safari Butler were recast repeatedly by the designers to get the contours and expressions right, before they were polished and topped with handcrafted sterling silver. The two deer carry frosted and etched glass tables on their backs for bar accessories, and their antlers are capped with candle- holders. dramatic, and yes, quite wild. Available at Frazer and Haws, New Delhi.


Italian brand Edra is known for its contemporary and fresh designs created by some of today’s most talented young designers, and The Flap Sofa symbolises all that the brand stands for. designed by Francesco Binfaré, the sofa can take about six different positions, its moveable flaps like the wings of an aircraft.

This futuristic, sculptural sofa has a tubular metal frame and comes in leather or fabric upholstery. Filled with soft polyurethane, it is so comfortable you could live on it. We suggest you do. Available at STROT, New Delhi.


Intricate, delicate and elegant, The romanov dining table from Casa Paradox transports you to an imperial and extravagant time. Made of various forms of glass, the table has a frame carved of hammered brass and nickel. a pretty petal braid made of brass runs all along the frame with brass connectors. Moulded glass makes the table top, but the pièce de résistance is the elaborate legs made of crystal. This table is so gorgeous, your guests would rather stare at it than eat off it. Available at Casa Paradox, Mumbai and New Delhi.


Sometimes, you need to bring a bit of nature home. The Allana table from InV home is a simple centre table, but its appeal lies in its simplicity. rustic yet stylish, it has a base made of fibreglass with brass finish, but the tabletop is the dazzler. Crafted from walnut root, it is designed to look like the branches of a tree. it is functional but also contemporary and it adds a sweet old-world touch to any living room. all it needs is a stack of coffee-table books on top to complete the look. Available at InV Home in New Delhi and Chandigarh.


Here’s the chair you were looking for all your life. Sink in after a hard day at work, with a glass of the finest Scotch, and put your feet up on the foot-rest. A good book and music completes the scene. perfect for any study, the Winchester Chair is plush and classic. While the frame and legs are crafted of seasoned teak, the seat is upholstered in finest italian cow hide in a rich chocolate colour. Brass nail heads and buttons accentuate the look. To make the chair completely yours, get your name engraved on the leather or on a logo plate, which can be 24-carat gold, rhodium plated or even have embedded diamonds! Available at The V Renaissance, New Delhi and on www.


It’s a console table but it could well be a sculpture. The Tour Console, designed by Giorgio Cattelan, brings together glass, wood, steel and graphite to cre- ate a fascinating piece of furniture. The base is made of graphite embossed lacquered steel, on which stands one delicate wheel-shaped leg made of Caneletto walnut wood. This is topped by a sheet of clear glass so precariously and precisely balanced it appears to float over the wheel below. The effect created is that of a dancer poised on tiptoe. The table is a design aficionado’s dream come true. Available at And More Stories, Mumbai.

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