Jharkhand: Turning Dreams into Reality

Raghubar Das, Chief Minister, Jharkhand
Raghubar Das, Chief Minister, Jharkhand
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What are the new initiatives being launched by your government to attract investments into the state?

With the view to steer rapid economic reforms and to promote investment in the state, it is imperative to create an environment which is congenial to entrepreneurship development. Industry consultation, timely clearances, responsive administration and transparent government have been identified as the corner-stone for improving business environment and boosting investor’s confidence. To that end Government of Jharkhand is ready to provide both, pre and post-investment services and facilitation for rapid industrialization. Measures like, Jharkhand Investment Promotion Board, single–window clearance, online payments, online verification, third party certifications, self- certification, time-bound approvals, availability of information online, standard operating procedures for approvals, deemed approvals, etc. are being adopted by various departments and government agencies. Jharkhand is progressing fast on adopting best practices for making an investor-friendly environment in the state to facilitate investments, employment generation and welfare of the people. If we create the infrastructure, investors will come.

Which are the sectors in which you are seeking investments?

Our policy aims at creating industry-friendly environment for maximizing investment especially in mineral and natural resource-based industries, MSMEs, infrastructure development, energy, smart cities, plastics, agriculture & food processing, electronics, apparel, minerals and metallurgy, automobile & auto components and rehabilitation of viable sick units. Jharkhand, in a sense, is the backbone of the Make in India mission, since it holds 40 per cent of India’s natural mineral wealth, Jharkhand is on track to become the country’s power hub by 2019.

Could you tell us about the proposed investment summit that you plan to hold in Ranchi?

While we are very happy and enthusiastic about our accomplishment in instituting Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion’s business reforms desirables, we call upon industry representatives to reflect on these systems in a frank and forthright manner, so that we can completely iron out discrepancies and make them more responsive, robust and long term. We aim to ace the systems- compliance agenda and will also strive to bring the most promising investment proposals to Jharkhand. Investors are our partners in progress and this partnership, I believe, will be meaningful when it shapes up appropriately at the conception stage.The government will use this platform to explore investment opportunities in every sector like manufacturing, automobile, electronics, information technology, MSME and food processing. The government is also open for investment proposals under public private partnership (PPP). These efforts are directed to lay a strong foundation for the upcoming ‘Global Investors Summit’ that is scheduled to be held on 16-17 February 2017 in Ranchi. The Summit aims to establish Jharkhand as a premier investment destination for both foreign as well as domestic investors.

I have to put the State on the global map and that is my agenda.I am working with more intensity. There is some inner realisation to be remembered forever

How do you plan to facilitate ease of doing business in the state?

We are determined to turn our aspirations into reality and in this regard, we are ready to turn a crisis into an opportunity. Once we pick up pace in the economic activities, I am confident we will achieve our goal of sustainable growth. I have to put the state on the global map and that is my agenda. I am working with more intensity. There is some inner realisation to be remembered forever. People should remember me for what I have done. That is the inner energy which is driving me every second. I like to create new things. I may not be the best but I am a reasonably good organiser. I am quick to adopt new ideas. If there is something good, I will follow it and implement it. Above all, I work hard. If I work hard, everybody will fall in line and automatically results will come and people will benefit. That is my inspiration.

What do you feel is the state’s USP as compared to other states attracting investment?

Jharkhand is leading and is wooing investors in mineral exploration, plastics and rubber, chemicals, electrical, cement, metallurgy and automobile components, equipments for heavy engineering companies etc. The state was ranked among the best performing states in business reforms, based on an evaluation by the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP). Without any hesitation, I can say that Jharkhand has been caught by the entrepreneurial wind & that is our USP.

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